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  Step into a Whole New World in LED Lighting  
Eco-Lighting Technologies is committed to providing eco-friendly LED lighting solutions to enable our customers to save electricity cost and reduce costly maintenance.

Our LED lighting products deliver assured quality, reliability and consistency in proven solid state lighting technology.
  At Eco-Lighting Technologies, you will find advanced, innovative and cost-effective LED lighting products for every application - home, business and public environment.

We invite you to step into a whole new in comfortable, efficient, sustainable and completely new lighting experience.
Why change to LED Lights?
  • Up to 80% Energy Saving
  • 50,000 hrs Lifetime or more
  • Uniform Light Distribution
  • High Color Accuracy
  • No UV Emission or Mercury Content
  Why Choose Our Products?
  • We use US Quality LED Chips
  • Efficient and Effective Thermal Management System
  • US and other Third Party‐Endorsed Qualifications
  • Energy Star Partner
  • Leading LED Lighting Manufacturer
  • Been‐There‐Done‐That Project References